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Access Control Systems

A Door Access Control System is a set of devices that consists of door readers, electric locks, a controller, and management software. Its purpose is to limit access to people who are authorized to enter an organization. It uses door readers that detect the unique identification numbers provided by credentials. A credential can be an RFID card or keyFob, a person’s smartphone, or their biometric (ie. face or fingerprint) credential. A door access control system includes Access Control Management Software that determines who can enter, when and what door they can use. When the right ID number is detected the controller releases the electric lock. We provide everything you need.
The door access control readers can be simple readers that are wired to access controller boxes or intelligent reader-controllers that include the reader and controller in one box and attach to the network. The IP reader-controllers are dramatically different than the older door access systems that used central control boxes. Instead of connecting to a control box, they connect to your network and are powered by PoE.

Network Attached IP Door Access Control Reader-Controllers

There are several IP reader-controller solutions. You can select the Isonas IP door reader-controllers that are excellent for small to medium systems, or the Hartmann Controls Enterprise access control system that includes advanced capability such as elevator control, and integration with IP camera systems. If you need additional security, you can select the biometric reader-controller access control system.

Access Control Selection

Select the Enterprise Access Control System for small to enterprise applications
Select the Isonas access control system for simple applications
Select the biometric access system for increased security
You can select IP readers that work with RFID credentials, Bluetooth connected Mobile Credentials, or even biometric readers such as fingerprint, or facial recognition. Door access control has become very flexible and reliable. It keeps your facility safe. For a review and comparison of different access control systems visit our access control page All the IP readers and IP controllers connect to the network switch. The pigtail wires from the door control and reader provide power to the electric door lock, detect door open or closed, provide the Request to Exit (REX) button input. This makes installation extremely easy. For more about the wiring topography of these access control systems, take a look at our article, IP Door Access Systems Wiring.
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