Product Metal Detector Gate

Walk Through Metal Detector

  • Easy assembly: desig ned with only 2 pieces cables and 8 screws, simply-to-follow instruction; Automatically count passengers and alarm times
  • Alarm strength indicator on control panel; Password protection, only the authorized
    person can operate.
  • Prog ram Self-diag nostic when power on, no need initial or periodic calibration; Modularization design,easy for mainte- nance and replacement
  • Harmless to human body: is harmless with heart pacemaker, preg nant women, mag netic floppy, recording tapes, etc.
  • Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator
  • 18 zones, Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 100 sensitivity level
  • Using high density fireproof material ; Prog ram Self-diag nostic when power on,no need initial or period ic calibration
  • Modularization design,easy for mainte- nance and replacement.


The metal detector is a leader in global safe drifling and hand held metal detection products and training. From the Olympics to international airports around the world, has reliable experience, expertise and reliable products to make your facilities or events safer.

Usage condition

Pinpoint Zone Detection
The UB500’ s exclusive multiple target pinpointing with 18 zones standard shows precise target location of the body from head to toe.

When the program is self-diag nostic, it does not require initial or periodic
caIibration,moduIarization design,easy for maintenance and replacement.

The UB500 design only 2 cables and 8 screws, operation instructions are simple. High density refractories are used to make the product stronger.

A. 5 Digital LED Count :Easy show & count passengers
B. 8 Screws: Easy assembly and install;
C. Socket: Easy connect both door panels;
D. Power Line : Support UK / European / USA standard;
E. Integrated Circuit Board : Intelligent circuit;
F. Infrared Sensor :Accuracy check;
G. Tamper Indication: Easy distinguish interference;
H. Foot Cover:Easy fastness;

The UB500’ s Access Control Panel is designed for use by authorized personnel with specific, multi-level security codes. It allows authorized users to change settings such as detection Program and Sensitivity. A tamper alarm sounds within 10 seconds after the Access Touchpad is pressed, unless a proper access code is entered.

We will arrange the most suitable logistics according to the actual situation and the customer’s requirements. Our packing is very tig ht to prevent any breakage during shipment.

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